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Lisää tietoa tihkuu Supernatural: Tribes -sarjasta

Supernatural: Tribes -sarjasta tihkuu hieman lisää tietoa ››

Tämä ei saa minua innostumaan. Isi-ongelmia? En minä halua mitään halpaa Supernatural-kopiota.
Supernatural: Tribes will air its backdoor pilot in the 20th episode of this season and longtime SPN fans will notice more than a few similarities to the original series' pilot. After the death of a loved one, the show's protagonist, Ennis, is dragged into the world of hunting and monsters. It comes as no surprise that Sam is far more sympathetic to the wannabe cop than his brother when they run into Ennis working a case in Chicago. And while Tribes lacks Supernatural's beloved sibling angst, Ennis has his fair share of Winchester-level daddy issues.

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