torstai 17. lokakuuta 2013

Jeremy Carver kertoo mitä on luvassa Deanille, Samille ja Castielille

Dean taitaa olla ainakin alkukaudella tarinan moottori »

Let’s talk about Dean then. Tell me what you can about him and what he’ll be going through in the next episodes. 
[In the premiere] he made two major decisions that are not only going to affect his brother, but drive the mythology in ways that even he isn’t quite prepared to deal with. In that way, Dean, I feel like for the first time in a long time, is really driving what’s going on here. There’s so much weight on his shoulders because, as far as we know, based on episode 1, he can’t really confide in Sam what’s truly going on here. So I think it’s an extra burden put upon Dean that comes up in [lots of] ways that we’ll see in upcoming episodes. And how it affected Dean is going to be seen in the practical — in how he deals with his brother, who is unaware of what’s keeping him alive — and it just really runs the gamut. It creates humorous scenarios for Dean; it creates some heartbreaking scenarios for Dean. And it’s really very interesting to watch how the character is going to deal with what’s essentially a decision he made.

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