lauantai 17. maaliskuuta 2012

Jensen Acklesin ja Jared Padaleckin haastattelu ja jakson 0717 - The Born-Again Identity promotraileri

Jensen Acklesin ja Jared Padaleckin haastattelu. Katso myös video! ››
If, like us, you've been missing the Impala a whole lot lately -- Jensen feels your pain. "I want everyone to know that that's something that I'm unhappy about!" he laughed. "I've been asking the same question! [The fans] might want to start a petition of some sort."
Luckily, whenever it does return, the car will be seriously souped up. Let's just say that like many Hollywood stars, it's had some work done during its time off-camera.
Oh-hoh! Impala 2.0! Tai oikeastaan se on jo kai ainakin 3.0 kun Dean rakensi sen uudestaan kakkoskauden alussa.

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