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The Huffington Post -haastattelu, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki ja Sera Gamble sekä Jared Padalecki vastaa katsojien kysymyksiin

Ackles, Padalecki ja Gamble juttelevat seiskakauden teemoista »

Haastattelut jatkuvat koko viikon ajan.

Onko tämä vain minun tulkintaani, mutta vaikuttavatko herrat Ackles ja Padalecki hieman tyytymättömiltä asioiden nykyiseen tilaan?
Ackles: But not just time off. I mean, over the course of seven seasons, we’ve -- not just on screen as characters, but off-screen as actors and professionals -- we build relationships with people and especially with some of the recurring guest stars that I think have been very, very valuable on screen. Go back to the very beginning and I think a lot of the reasons the show was successful in the beginning was Eric [Kripke, "Supernatural" creator] wrote a great script, created two amazing characters, and the chemistry between those two characters was palpable. I mean, you can really get into it. You really felt for these two brothers and the great thing about the show was other relationships like that have blossomed throughout the years with other characters. And I think that, that’s something that he and I as actors both really enjoy, is kind of that cultivating relationship with other characters and--
Padalecki: It also fleshes out Sam and Dean.
 Mutta Padalecki vastailee silti iloisesti katsojien kysymyksiin! »

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