maanantai 16. tammikuuta 2012

Sera Gamblen haastattelu, Jim Beaverin haastattelu ja paljon, paljon muuta.

Taas on kertynyt kauhea kasa linkkejä ja juttuja. Miten näitä aina oikein tulee?

Sera Gamble kertoo, mitä tuleman pitää »
She is particularly looking forward to messing with Sam's mind in what sounds like a hilarious upcoming episode about childhood nightmares coming to life. "Sam gets beaten up by clowns," she says gleefully. "As we all know, Sam is really afraid of clowns, so an upcoming episode takes place at a Chuck-E-Cheese type place. One of those birthday party pizza place, slash stop-bugging-your-parents-for-ten-minutes places. They pick up a case that takes place at Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie, and Sam has terrible childhood memories of this place. It's just full of clown imagery."
Ja täällä myös »
TVLINE | What can you say about Castiel’s return?
He’s coming back! [Laughs] Soon! I can say maybe not in exactly the form you’ve seen him [in] before.
 Rakastettu hahmo palaa ruutuun »
Question: When are we going to see the Impala again on Supernatural? It just doesn’t seem right to have Dean separated from his baby for this long! —Laura
Ausiello: The two shall be reunited! “You will eventually see the Impala again,” exec producer Sera Gamble confirms. “He could never leave [her] forever! It breaks everyone’s heart, including ours. That’s one of the biggest loses of the season is that Dean can’t drive her.”
No viimeinkin! On sitä jo odotettukin.

Mutta nyt, ottakaa nenäliinapaketit esiin.
Jim Beaver juttelee Bobbyn poismenosta. »
TV Guide Magazine: What are your memories of your last day on set?
Beaver: It was the next to last day because Jared and Jensen were not going to be on the set on the last day. They show called a safety meeting, which they do once or twice a season. The entire cast and crew from the top down to the drivers and production assistants are there. I knew something was up when Jared and Jensen were there — they're never already there before me. Instead of playing this safety video, they played a video tribute to everything I'd done on the show. I was pretty verklempt. It was very touching. I said, "I know now what they're going to play at my funeral." It was a lovely moment. Coming to the end of the show, knowing I'd be saying goodbye to these cast and crew I love like family plus the pretty emotional stuff we were shooting that day. I might have gotten something in my eye.
 Kuulostaa maailman ihanimmalta työpaikalta. Niisk. BOBBY!!!!

Jared Padaleckin haastattelu »
Sam sekoaa kohta. Sitä odotellessa.

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