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Jensen Ackles kysymys ja vastaus -tilaisuus Chicago conissa

Jensen Ackles vastaa fanien kysymyksiin >>

Fan: Is there ever a time when you read a script and you say to your character, “Dean! What are you thinking?”
Jensen: All the time. Seriously. Usually just certain lines, because we get new writers....
There’s a scene between Jared and I, Sam and Dean, in fact I think it’s the next episode, it’s the end scene. We have like a falling out, an argument. And I kid you not, the scene was like straight out of a romantic comedy. It was like a break-up between a woman and a man. Right out of a romantic comedy.
And that time we finally called Sera and said we’re changing the scene. But it all says the same stuff, it’s just the way of saying it. I think one of Jared’s lines was when I go to move toward Sam and he goes “Don’t! Just don’t! I can’t even look at you right now!”
Jensen:  And we were like “No way! I’m not saying that!”  So we made it a little bit more manly.  So yes, there are times when we look at the script and change lines. The writers trust us enough to know,  I mean, we love these characters.  We want to protect them, we would never do anything  to make them look worse.  
Tältä minustakin on tuntunut tällä kaudella. Hyvä, että sekä Ackles että Padalecki tiedostavat tämän. Mutta oikeasti, käsikirjoittajat. Miksi? MIKSI?

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