lauantai 21. toukokuuta 2011

Sera Gamble ja Sebastian Roche kertovat kauden kahdesta viimeisestä jaksosta

Sera Gamble juttelee ››
It wouldn't be a Supernatural finale without some casualties ...
Gamble: We definitely kill people. Characters will be killed and transformed. It's safe to say that characters that people like will be killed. I find that usually when we kill somebody there's a certain amount of blowback because they're always characters that people likes. I usually don't get thank-you notes for the people that we kill. But we have that small group of characters that we go back to because they're precious. The reason we go back to them again and again and again is because they were cool.
Sebastian Roche juttelee USA Today -lehdelle ››
The preview for this week’s season finale teases to some Lovecraftian themes we haven’t seen before. Is Balthazar more on the heaven sort of things or the monster plot line, or are they finally coming together?
I’m actually in neither. I’m trying to help out a situation and I’m torn between being Castiel’s longtime friend and having become the Winchesters’ friend. There is a tense situation that arises where I have to make a choice. It is in the domain of heaven more than monsters.

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