lauantai 26. helmikuuta 2011

New York Times kirjoittaa Supernaturalista ja jakson 0616 - And Then There Were None promotraileri ja vastaa kyselyyn

New York Times kirjoittaa Supernaturalista ja sen kulttisuosiosta aika hyväksyvään sävyyn ››
So “Supernatural” is about heaven, hell, faith, revenge — and the automotive industry. But at its most basic it is about sibling devotion: no pair of brothers or sisters on television is more closely bound — not even the siblings on “Brothers and Sisters.” Proving their intimacy each week the Winchesters argue as if they were a married couple and seem conceived to correct for the existence of so many only children who must fight their battles solo in fairy tales and other fiction for the young. Single children should watch at their own peril.
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