torstai 4. marraskuuta 2010

Sisäpiirin tietoa kahdesta Supernaturalin tärkeimmästä jaksosta

Supernaturalin viidennen kauden virallinen kirja on ilmestynyt, ja io9 on ystävällisesti kaivannut meille sieltä esiin pari herkullista juttua jaksoista Changing Channels ja Swan Song.

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[Eric Kripke sanoo: ]I think the Japanese game show just came out of a desire to watch the guys get hit in the balls. Purely juvenile."

"I was so happy during the nut-cracker scene," says Jensen Ackles with a laugh, "because generally Dean gets the brunt of all the physical practical jokes, and it was nice to actually have Sam get it." In fact, when they filmed the game show, Jared Padalecki was "extremely nervous. I was standing in those ski boots with that big metal bar there, and Lou Bollo showed me how far it would go - but I still put a cup on! I grew up playing football, so I've been hit there before with a cup. It doesn't feel good, but it doesn't make you throw up like getting hit without it. I was definitely nervous, but it was pretty funny."
Changing Channels on yksi minunkin kaikkkien aikojen suosikkijaksoistani.

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