keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2010

Sera Gamble juttelee kuudennesta kaudesta, Ruttoa haetaan

No kylläpä nyt taas pukkaa netistä infoa tänään.

Chicago Tribunen Maureen Ryan kyseli Sera Gamblelta kuudennesta kaudesta »
No, you will not be getting Apocalypse, The Squeaquel in Season 6 (that's hilarious)," Gamble wrote. "We're climaxing that story this season. We've been working on the Season 6 storyline for quite some time, and we're very excited about it. We have lots of ideas, and are grateful for the chance to keep the show going.
"Apocalypse, The Squeaquel." Heh. :-D

Rutto onkin sitten seuraava Ilmestyskirjan ratsastaja »

The just renewed CW hit is searching for a 40-50 year old man to play Pestilence. This latest Horseman is described as quirky, unassuming and highly intelligent. Oh, he's also a bit neurotic and has a..a...ha-choo! A cold! Nasty!
Also complicating matters will be a character from Sam's Stanford years named Tyson, who is now working for a pharmaceutical company and has plans to capitalize on a disgusting flu virus by providing the vaccine.

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